Prices and (international) shipping costs

Zazzle Pro Seller

Keep Calm Studio we don't produce any of the products ourself (except for the digital Keep Calm font download and licensing).

All products are created, handled and shipped by USA based company Zazzle. We've chosen Zazzle as they offer a great range of products and their 100% satisfaction promise. On this page we've included some extracts from and links to the Zazzle FAQ pages to answer the most frequent cost and shipping related questions. Please visit the help section on the Zazzle site if you have any additional questions.


Product costs

We haven't included any prices on the Keep Calm Studio site itself as final product prices depend on product customisation options you choose and your country and currency. We recommend you click through to the Zazzle site to view detailed product prices.

Calculating your shipping rate

Because there are so many variables in generating a basic shipping quote, we recommend that you place a mock order to get the most accurate pricing figure. You need not make any purchase to do so.

See USA domestic shipping or UK / EU shipping for more details.

Additional information:

Taxes, custom duties and VAT 

For consumers we recommend selecting the appropriate country/currency on the Keep Calm Studio site as VAT and customs duties will be included. If you are a reseller or need to declare VAT for other reasons it is recommended to order from instead.